Dancer Ira Bernstein
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IRA BERNSTEIN IN CONCERT! is a dynamic, full-length performance (two forty-five minute halves with an intermission) of percussive step dancing from a wide range of traditions accompanied by some of the best dance musicians in the country.  Ideal for presenters who want an exciting, out of the ordinary, easy-to-produce dance event.  (Residency activities are available in conjunction with concerts.)


APPALACHIAN ROOTS is a duo show by IRA with virtuoso old-time musician/singer RILEY BAUGUS of Walkertown, NC. Performances are a dynamic mix of traditional dance, song, and instrumental music from the southern Appalachian region of the US, with a few international twists thrown in. Concerts include: percussive flatfooting and buckdancing, rhythm tap dancing, French-Canadian step dancing, English clogging, South African boot dancing, hambone, fiddle tunes, and fiddle sticks by IRA; southern Appalachian songs and ballads, old-time banjo and fiddle tunes, and mountain preaching by RILEY; and a good dose of fiddle and banjo, and double fiddle duets by the duo. APPALACHIAN ROOTS is an old-time music and dance variety show chock full of humor and skill.


IRA BERNSTEIN can perform a solo set as part of a multi-act concert.  A concert set can be as short as a single number (usually his signature piece, "The American Suite") or a small selection of numbers chosen from his full repertoire of percussive step dances.


IRA BERNSTEIN can participate in festivals as a performer, a workshop presenter, a leader of participatory workshops (Appalachian flatfooting, tap dancing, English clogging, French-Canadian clogging, Cape Breton step dancing, Jitterbug swing dancing and Cajun and Zydeco dancing) or a participant in multi-act, theme workshops.


THE TEN TOE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE is a collective of internationally renowned percussive step dance soloists with musicians coordinated and directed by IRA BERNSTEIN.  It is suitable for medium to large scale concerts, festivals and special events.  Master classes and workshops are available in conjunction with performances.


1.  STEPS AROUND THE WORLD (K-12) is a general overview of the percussive step dances from the U.S., Canada, England and Ireland.  It also includes a variety of traditional percussion instruments (spoons, bones, triangle, washboard and hambone) and two mini-workshops for audience participation (Appalachian clogging and hambone).

2.  TAP THROUGH TIME (K-12) focuses specifically on the variety of expressions of tap dancing as a uniquely American art form with a history that is traced back to a mixing of African and European roots.  Audience participation and question and answer are integral components of the show.

3.  TAP DANCING:  ROOTS AND RELATIONS (ADULT/COLLEGE) highlights tap dancing and illustrates its historic and stylistic connections to the other traditional forms of percussive step dancing.


IRA BERNSTEIN is available to teach MASTER CLASSES and WORKSHOPS in tap dancing, Appalachian flatfooting, English clogging, Irish step dancing, French-Canadian step dancing, Cape Breton step dancing, Jitterbug swing dancing, and Cajun and Zydeco dancing.

Ira Bernstein