Dancer Ira Bernstein
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Video Samples

The following demo includes thirteen 45-second excerpts from a live performance by Ira Bernstein at the Klein Carre Theatre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  

Accompanying musicians are Alki Steriopolous (piano), Ruthie Dornfeld (fiddle), and John Herrmann (banjo, bass, mandolin).

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Appalachian Flatfooting
(Reuben's Train)
Tap Dancing: Jazz Tap
(Sweet Georgia Brown)
English Clogging:
Irish Step Dancing:
Hard-shoe Reel
South African
Boot Dancing
Tap Dancing:
Jazz Waltz
(3 Views of a Secret)
Appalachian Flatfooting
(Leather Britches)
Tap Dancing: Tacit
French-Canadian Step
Dancing: Waltz Clog
Rock and Roll Flatfooting
Tap Dancing: Soft-Shoe
Appalachian Flatfooting (Broken Down Gambler)
Tap Dancing: Jazz Tap
(C-Jam Blues)