Dancer Ira Bernstein
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Quotes: The Critics Say...

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Fabulous The Denver Post
A virtuoso Fuldaer Zeitung, Fulda, Germany
Purity of style

The New Yorker, NYC, NY

Mercurial feet  Taplas, Cardiff, Wales
Spectacular tap Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL
A dance master Weisbadener Kurier, Weisbaden, Germany
Miraculous feet New York Press, NYC, NY
Animated melody Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgart, Germany
A rhythm monster Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgart, Germany
A genius of dance Weisbadener Kurier, Weisbaden, Germany
A dancing wonder Fuldaer Zeitung, Fulda, Germany
Immense elegance DWZ, Hameln, Germany
A standing ovation Weisbadener Kurier, Weisbaden, Germany
Consumate clogger The News, Lancaster, PA
Rhythmic virtuosity
A definite innovator The New York Times, NYC, NY
An international ear The New Yorker, NYC, NY
A cultural anthology The Washington Post, Washington, DC
A virtuoso clog dance Boston Herald, Boston, MA
A genius of musicality Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgart, Germany
An astounding display The News, Lancaster, PA
An artist of movement Stuttgarter Zeitung, Stuttgart, Germany
A one-man Riverdance The Sheffield Telegraph, Sheffield, England
Hot as a revved engine The Boston Phoenix, Boston, MA
The real crowd pleaser The Courant, Hartford, CT
Virtuosity and versatility DWZ, Hameln, Germany Frankfurter
Pure cascades of rhythm Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, Germany
Brilliantly precise clogging The Boston Globe, Boston, MA
Every single step is perfect Weisbadener Kurier, Weisbaden, Germany
An irresistible performance Boston Herald, Boston, MA
Effervescent clogger-tapper The Washington Post, Washington, DC
His feet become instruments DWZ, Hameln, Germany
Light as a feather and nimble DWZ, Hameln, Germany
Endurance of a marathon man DWZ, Hameln, Germany
A spectacular solo performance Folk Roots, London, England
Unbelievable flatfoot percussion Times Tribune, Palo Alto, CA

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Ira Bernstein